Smart Inspection Consulting

Mohsen Salarpour

(Civil Engineer, Licensed Home Inspector)

Licensed member of Consumer Protection BC, InterNACHI and CanNACHI,

Consumer Protection British Columbia License# 81637

Inter­national Association of Certified Home Inspectors License# NACHI21012125

Smart Inspection Consulting is owned and operated by Mohsen Salarpour. Mohsen is a licensed member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and The Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (CanNACHI). Also Mohsen is a certified Home Inspector trainer with the Consumer Protection British Columbia.

After completing his Post graduate Civil Engineering Degree, he started working in the construction field in oversea and BC’s housing industry in Canada for more than ten years. He also got a degree about Home Inspection from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Experiences in the Structural, Envelope and fire Suppression engineering fields in Canada gives him the unique knowledge and ability to assist buyers, sellers, and homeowners based on his extensive knowledge to detect deficiencies within all components of a home. As an engineer with extensive experiences in different fields of construction, becoming a home inspector is a chance for him to do contribution to the community for the satisfaction of the clients by using his attention to detail. The main goal of the inspection is searching for significantly deficient subjects in all building components, near the end of the service life, or not functioning correctly and the unsafe items which imposed the safety to the families.

The comprehensive and easy-to-read report will help the client for their best decision when buying or selling their property. The report will be provided right after the full presentation and question and answers with the client.

Mohsen’s top priority is ensuring that the clients understand the home condition completely, and known all the component of the home with all deficiencies, the upcoming maintenance and all the coast related.



General F.A.Q

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a comprehensive visual examination of the home’s overall structure, major systems and components. A trained and qualified home inspector will review your house as a system, looking at how one component of the house might affect the operability or lifespan of another. Components that are not performing properly, unsafe or beyond their useful life will be identified. The purpose of a home inspection is to provide client a better understanding of the property conditions, as observed at the time of inspection.

“A home inspection is an educational process which is designed to reduce a consumer’s risk when buying a home, and is not a guarantee or a warranty on a property.” – Consumer Protection BC

Why should I hire a home inspector?

A professional home inspector possesses the knowledge, expertise and experience of how elements of a home function as a whole. A home inspector is familiar with the intended functions, operation, proper installation and required maintenance of your home’s systems.

Hiring a licensed professional gives you peace of mind and helps you making a confident and informed buying decision.

When do I need a home inspection?

For home buyers, a pre-purchase home inspection provides information about the condition of the house you plan to purchase. A home inspection identify the need for major repairs, and the need for maintenance to keep your dream house in good shape. You will learn more about the house, which allows you to make a confident investment decision.

Considering a renovation? A pre-renovation inspection helps homeowners to prioritize repairs and maintenance. It helps to make sure your money is spent in the right places.

For home sellers, a pre-listing inspection gives you the opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in a better selling condition. In the mean time, it brings a peace of mind to your potential buyers.

What does a home inspection include?

Our home inspection service includes an examination of the property’s major systems and components, an on-site verbal presentation, guided walk-through of the home, a Q&A session and a detailed inspection report.

The on-site presentation, guided walkthrough, and Q&A session are provided on-site, right after the inspection. It is an excellent opportunity for you to understand any safety concerns, significant deficiencies, and what needs to be done with those issues. We take time to make sure you understand the home conditions.

The inspection report lays out the overall home condition at the time of inspection. Every deficiency noted in the report comes with a detailed explanation and photos. You will have no difficulty in understanding it! The report will be provided within 24 hours after the inspection.

How long does a home inspection take?

Inspection duration varies depend on several factors, for instance, type of the property, size of the property,  age and condition, presence of crawlspace, second kitchen, etc… Below is an estimate,

Typical Detached House Inspection (2,000 square feet) – 3 to 3.5 hours for the inspection, excluding on-site verbal presentation, guided walk-through, Q&A session, and inspection report

Typical Townhouse Inspection (2,000 square feet) – 2.5 to 3 hours for the inspection, excluding on-site verbal presentation, guided walk-through, Q&A session, and inspection report

Typical Condominium Inspection (1,000 square feet)– 1 to 1.5 hours for the inspection, excluding on-site verbal presentation, guided walk-through, Q&A session, and inspection report

The on-site presentation, guided walkthrough, and Q&A session usually take 1 to 1.5 hour.

Other Questions

What is the Home Inspection Standards of Practice?
Should I be present for the inspection?

You should attend the inspection. When you attend the presentation, you can learn a lot by following an inspector through the home. You will certainly gain a better understanding of the home’s condition, which will give you insight into its potential sale points and defects. Additionally, you will likely learn information about the home’s maintenance, systems and components that may provide useful for the transaction. Also all your question will be answered during the presentation.

What happens if the inspection reveals problems?

If your home inspection reveals any problems, it is important to understand the severity of the defect. In our report we classified all defects as follow:

1) Minor/Maintenance Issues – Primarily comprised of small cosmetic items and simple Handyman or do-it-yourself maintenance items. These observations are more informational in nature and represent more of a future to-do list rather than something you might use as a negotiation or Seller-repair item. A Summary Report can be created should you choose to view a report without these minor items or informational data.

2) Moderate Recommendations – Most items typically fall into this category. These observations may require a qualified contractor to evaluate further and repair or replace but the cost is somewhat reasonable.

3) Significant and/or Safety Concerns – This category is composed of immediate safety concerns or items that could represent a significant expense to repair/replace.

For example, cosmetic damage or dirty air filter can be easily fixed at a low cost. However, if the defect is more extreme, such as a major foundation crack, Active leak, or evidence of mold, you should find out how these problems can be addressed, and whether you can negotiate the cost remediation or repair with the seller. We help you to address these problems in detailed with a proper recommendation to resolve the problem.

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